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How to Write a College Essay

How to write a college essay

Need to write a college essay but don’t know how to do it? Then you will find practical step-by-step instructions for all types of essays here. This will make writing easy for you.

The procedure to start an essay and complete it is straightforward. After all, it’s an organized way to express your own ideas on a topic. Usually, this is done from a critical perspective. Therefore, essays represent a powerful educational tool because of the possibility of provoking controversies or well-argued debates.

What is a college essay?

An essay is a text written on a particular topic that is usually given to you by your teacher. All essays consist of the parts introduction, main part, and conclusion.

However, how exactly the essay is structured, and which writing style you should use always depends on the type of essay.

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Types of college essay

The types of essays are briefly described below:

An Argumentative Essay

It is a very frequent type of proof in political essays or in discussions related to economics. Although all essays are argumentative, this class is specifically mentioned because the explanations are more objective (compared to the literary essay). Also, the essay writer must rely on the accepted theories of other specialists to defend his point of view.

Scientific Essay

It is distinguished by academic rigor and structure based on scientific methodology. Second, it leads to greater argumentative depth and indexed support at the moment that supports every idea presented. The purpose of the scientific essay is to study a topic or circumstance and then present a synthesis.

Expository Essay

It is a very suitable test mode for scrutinizing questions and explanations of difficult-to-understand instructive intent. Then, the essay writer prepares a rather descriptive meticulous text, able to reveal all the details about a topic and leave it explained in detail.

Philosophical Essay

As the name implies, it reflects on different philosophical deliberations. Consequently, it covers topics of existential speculation such as love, the meaning of life, faith, death, or loneliness, among others. For these reasons, it is a kind of essay with a more subjective position and transcendental exaltation.

Critical Essay

Although it presented many similarities with the argumentative essay, critical testing is more stringent with respect to evidence management. Therefore, previous studies and the collection of precedents imply a rigor comparable to that of the scientific essay.

Sociological Essay

They are texts in which the essay writer enters into considerations related to social problems and/or cultural manifestations. Although in the sociological essay there is room for reasoning with the particular thoughts of the author, these should be supported by serious academic studies. For this reason, this type of essay appears as a branch of the scientific essay.

Historical Essay

In this type of essay, the author expresses his opinion on some historical event of interest. Usually, the text contains a comparison between two or more historical sources. Based on them, the essay writer explains which one seems most correct. The only real rule in argumentation is not to comment on events that do not have verifiable support (however, you can clarify when you are assuming).

How to Write a College Essay – A complete Process

Steps to follow before you start writing a college essay.

Interest and Research

First of all, the subject covered must be of great interest to the author. Obviously, good documentation is essential. At this point, there are no media limits: academic texts, newspaper articles, printed brochures, audiovisual material, and, of course, the Internet.

How to Go Online

The enormous volume of information available on the internet represents an extremely valuable and megadiverse source in the midst of the dizzying digital present. However, The difficulty inherent in the use of data obtained on the Internet is – due to false news – to correctly verify the veracity of these.

Establish a Point of View and Write a Sketch

Once the subject has been chosen and studied, the essayist must position himself just before presenting his thesis (to be confirmed or refuted). Next, the writer develops a writing scheme, which will be useful in ordering the sequence of his argument. In other words, which ideas will be discussed in the introduction, development and conclusion, with their respective quotes from the sources consulted.

Steps to Follow While Writing a College Essay

Constant Review

Is the prepared text understandable to the reader? Have all the writing and spelling rules been followed correctly? Is the writing style consistent with the topic being discussed? The resolution of these questions is inevitable when creating an essay. In this sense, the opinion of third parties (a friend, for example) can be useful.

In addition, the author should understand that proofreading involves careful analysis of the vocabulary and punctuation marks used. Because a comma or a word placed in the wrong place can completely change the author’s original intention when expressing an opinion. For this reason, the essay should be rewritten as many times as necessary.


Obviously unknown writers do not have immediate access to the mass editorial media. However, digitization has facilitated the dissemination of writing through social networks and resources such as blogs, podcasts or specialized forums. Of course, making the message visible in the vastness of cyberspace is another thing (but there is also a lot of information about it).

Structure to Develop a College Essay


In this section, the author provides the reader with a brief summary of the analyzed topic with its respective hypothesis. The latter can be asked in the form of a question or a statement awaiting confirmation. In all cases, these are decisions that reflect the originality and style of the writer.


Statement of reasons, ideas, and perspectives. Here should be placed as much (relevant) data and information as possible. In addition, the author must specify which are his most relevant reasons to support or contradict the hypothesis contained in the introduction. Regardless, each opinion is duly supported.


The last part of the essay is a brief review of everything that has been explained in the development in order to present a solution by way of conclusion. Also, a conclusion may raise new unknowns or – in the case of literary or critical essays – reflect a sarcastic tone about a work. On the other hand, bibliographic references appear at the end of the text (when necessary).

Following the structure you can easily formulate an impressive college essay.  But still if you are not sure and wondering how to write a college essay, you need more assistance  and guidance in creating a strong essay then you should go through some college essay examples to clear your confusions.

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