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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

When hearing the words “compare and contrast analysis”, students may feel uncomfortable. However, what you are really asked to do is to compare and contrast two things, one thing we do every day! A good comparison and contrast article will reveal how these themes are similar or different (or even both).

To make your essay effective, it is highly recommended to choose the right essay topic. Your better grades depend on the selection of the topic, as not every topic is capable enough to undergo compare and contrast analysis.

To help you with the selection process, our team at my assignment has gathered some interesting compare and contrast essay topics. Dive in and choose the best topic for your essay.

What is Compare and contrast essay

This kind of academic writing analyzes the similarities and differences between two or more issues (phenomena, characters, events). During the writing process, the author provides some evidence to prove that the object under discussion has similarities or/and differences with another object.

Comparison and contrast essays are not essays to answer specific questions. They are not used to consolidate a controversial argument. Your goal is to create analogies for explanation or clarification. To write an essay in this format, you need to improve your critical thinking skills.

Patterns of comparison and contrast are different from other academic writing tasks, which are mainly reflected in the treatment of main paragraphs. There are two methods:

Point-by-Point Method:

Each paragraph should discuss at least one common or different point.

Structure Segmentation:

Each paragraph discusses a topic separately and has its own characteristics.

In each of the paragraphs, you can compare one software package to another, compare two playwrights’ use of irony, or compare the accuracy of two accounting procedures. For a marketing course, you can prepare a report comparing the working patterns of two employees.

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In contrast, your textbooks will use comparison and/or contrast to present you with new material and give points on different concepts, processes or events.

How to Choose a Compare and Contrast Essay Topic?

Usually, students are assigned topics from their teachers for writing essays. But if not, then they can choose an interesting topic by themselves to show their creativity.

Choosing an essay topic that can keep the readers engaged and interested is quite a daunting task.  But following the right method, you can be able to choose the perfect topic for you.  We are presenting some tips below that might help you choose the right topic.

  • Choose the topic that you already have knowledge and interest in. You should be passionate about writing on the topic.  Because the only way to perform better is the level of interest that you have in the topic. The more interested you are the better performance you will give.
  • List down all the ideas and subjects that can be explained in detail with opposite aspects.
  • Choose subjects of your essay topics from the same group or category.
  • Keep the interest and knowledge of your target audience in your mind by selecting the topic. Structure your essay accordingly in order to increase the readership.
  • It’s highly recommended to choose the topics from the current trends and controversies. As new and trendy topics grab people’s attention and keep them interested to know the things that are new to them.

If you have not selected your topic yet then below is the list of some interesting topics you can choose for your compare and contrast essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics 2022

We have created a list on different compare and contrast essay topics in 2022, and tried to cover almost all major categories include history, sports and education.

Easy Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Compare the personalities of two known celebrities.

Books written by famous writers.

Pop songs versus rap songs.

Mammals or reptiles.

Fred or Shaggy: a better character.

Which is better: renting or owning things?

A better language: Italian or  French

Which is better: living in a house or a flat?

What part of life is difficult: adulthood or childhood

Who is more famous: Superman versus Spider-Man

More fun:  daytime or nighttime

Choose your favorite season: Summer or Winter?

Comic books versus TV shows

Impressive Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Middle School

Compare playing video games versus reading a book

Effects of real communication versus texting

Apple versus Samsung

Which is more pleasing, giving gifts or getting gifts?

Compare and contrast long hair vs short hair

Better pets: dogs or cats?

What would you prefer to watch at home or in the cinema?

The worst ever:  School bullies are dictators.

What causes more destruction? tsunami or hurricane?

What is more interesting?  Halloween party or Prom Night?

Is riding more difficult or driving?

Compare 5-star hotel vs 3 stars?

Who is a better friend a male or female?

Who influences more a parent or a celebrity?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For high School

Compare and contrast the rise of George Bush and Donald Trump

Personality analysis: Prince versus Michael Jackson

Better entrepreneur: Bill Gates or Steve Jobs

A better politician: Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela?

Personality analysis of Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill

Analysis of the life of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini

Life of Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May

Life of Jon Bon Jovi and Elvis parsley

Life of Socrates and Plato

Characteristics of a good teacher versus a bad teacher

A better platform: Facebook or Instagram

Consumption of Fast Food versus healthy food

Better education: public school or private school

What is important for a child’s development? Parent control or full freedom?

Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics 2022 For College

Which part of academic life is more difficult? College life or school life

Difference between employed student and unemployed student

Which is more Complex: research paper or essay?

Language differences: American English vs British English

What is the better decision after graduation: continuing education or finding a job?

Complete analysis of IELTS vs TOEFL

Life of a graduate student versus a postgraduate student

How argumentative essays are different from persuasive essays?

Feature analysis of Android and IOS

A better experience: online shopping versus traditional shopping

What are the beauty concepts in America and China?

Music: Rock classical?

Life of University professor versus the life of a school teacher

A better house: traditional versus smart

History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics 2022

What were Gandhi and Jinnah’s political approaches?

Who is a better politician? US President or British prime minister?

What was Iran pre and post monarchy?

How do Lincoln’s and Washington’s ideas differ?

Life of Karl Marx and Friedrich Hegel

Make a comparison between the American government and the Soviet government

What would you prefer to study? Religion or Anthropology?

Compare and contrast communism versus liberalism

Sports Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Which is more beneficial to health: sports or exercise?

What is more fun: table tennis court lawn tennis?

Which is more fun, football or soccer?

Which is more fun, basketball or baseball?

What would you prefer: breakdance or ballet?

What is more harmful to athletes: steroids or energy drinks?

Who performs better: women’s basketball team or men’s basketball team?

A better cricket team: Australian or Indian?

More beneficial to health: swimming or cycling?

A better team: Brazilian team or manning team?

What would you prefer: morning exercise or evening exercise?

Compare and analyze football in the 20th century versus the 21st century

Psychology compares and contrasts essay topics 2022

What people need when dealing with mental  health issues:  psychologist or psychiatrist?

Difference between nature versus nurture?

Effects of therapy versus medication

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rehabilitation?

Life of patients suffering from Autism versus down syndrome.

Reasons for suicide and homicide.

More dangerous to health:  smoking or vaping?

What causes stress and depression?  How is stress different from depression?

Difference between Sociology and psychology?

What would you prefer: strict parenting or relaxed parenting?

How would you define ego versus superego?

Analyze soft drugs versus hard drugs.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics 2022 on Education

How do IELTS methods differ from SAT?

What is more difficult: writing a scientific paper or an academic paper?

Compare and contrast: science versus art.

What should the students prefer: professional degree or skill degree?

What is the difference between the education of public and private schools?

How is writing essays different from writing a research paper?

What should schools prefer: casual clothes or uniforms?

What is the most difficult life: university or college?

Compare and analyze gender studies and women’s studies.

What are the differences between sociology and anthropology?

What is better homeschooling or traditional schooling?

Should the education system include testing or should it be stress-free?

What would you prefer to study: languages or Science?

Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

What’s your favorite style: Moonwalk or Gangnam style?

Compare Xbox versus PlayStation.

What is more difficult: growing a plant or raising a child?

What would you prefer: being in a relationship or being single?

Which helps in improving performance: coffee or drugs?

What would you prefer: love or friendship?

Compare and contrast living relationships and marriage?

What’s your favorite Apple or Samsung?

What are your favorite characters: Tom and Jerry vs Bugs Bunny?

How Greek mythology is different from Roman?

What makes pasta different from pizza?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Movies

What’s your choice: comedy or horror movies?

What’s your favorite: Avengers of Fantastic Four?

What kids enjoy more: normal screen on 3D screen?

Who is better: Superman and Batman?

Compare and contrast the novels: Pride and Prejudice versus The Great Gatsby

Which was the better show: Game of Thrones or the witcher?

What is more entertaining: Netflix or YouTube?

Why are books more interesting than movies?

What would you prefer: Harry Potter books or movies?

What was your favorite character: Dumbledore or Voldemort?

These topics are just to give an idea for topic selection. You can always alter ideas and mold them according to the need for your essay. In case you need further assistance you can always look up to expert ‘write my essay‘ services, who are always ready to help you in the topic selection process.

How to Write Compare and Contrast Essays?  

To write a strong essay you need to follow the rules required to compose an interesting compare and contrast essay. Following are the steps which must be followed to write a desired essay.

Understand the Title Properly

Before you start writing an essay, you should always have a good understanding of the title. Compare and contrast essays can basically contain three types of questions. Some topics may only ask for similarities and others for differences. Some topics may require both comparison and contrast.


The next step is to gather information. Write down all the characteristics, qualities or attributes of each thing – both similarities and differences. You can use a Venn diagram to easily separate the differences and similarities. After writing down all the attributes or attributes, select the most important of them.

Trial Organization

Before you start writing the essay, you must decide on the organization of the essay. There are several ways to organize a compare and contrast composition.

  • Subject by Subject

In this type of article, you start by first defining a topic. After describing all the characteristics of this topic, you move on to the next topic. For example, imagine comparing apples and oranges. You will first describe apples in detail and discuss all their properties and qualities; then you move on to the second topic, oranges.

  • Point to Point

Rather than discussing the two issues separately, this build compares them side by side. In this structure, each paragraph will discuss a main point and information on both topics.

The second method is more convenient to decide which of the two options is better. It is more argumentative and reads like an argument. If you are using one to understand the other, the first method is more suitable.

  • Introductory Writing

The introduction should introduce the two topics or topics to be compared and contrasted. It should also indicate which aspects or areas will be covered in the article. You can also specify what to do in the article – will you just present the differences or will you look both ways?

Although the introduction comes at the beginning of the article, you don’t have to write it first. You can always write the introduction after you have completed the entire text.

  • Trial Body

Since you have already decided on the structure of the experiment, this will not be difficult. If you use a point-to-point structure, you can compare different aspects of two subjects separately. If you’re using topic by topic, you need to identify different aspects of a topic and then move on to the next topic.

  • Conclusion

After you finish writing all the points, you can start the conclusion of the article. The first thing you need to do is to summarize all the main points in the article. Then evaluate the information and come to a logical conclusion.

For example, if you have found that one subject has more positive characteristics than the other, you may conclude that that subject is better. However, not all compared and contrasting articles may have a similar result. Rather than saying one thing is better than another, the author can offer an alternative way of seeing these issues as well.

Some Tips for Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

After selecting the topic, start writing a compare and contrast essay.  Here are some tips on how to write an essay effectively.

  • Remember to go to the library for a walk. Librarians can not only provide books and other materials but may also provide some interesting suggestions on certain topics.
  • Research and discuss two (or more) things first, and then list their attributes, and make sure that the information presented is relevant and appropriate.
  • When writing comparison and contrast papers, be sure to pay attention to details. Try not to provide too broad and general information or daily life information.
  • Stick to your established writing method, because it determines the final success of the article, and the teacher will definitely value this aspect.
  • You should consider your readers and make sure that the topic you choose does not make them feel boring.
  • Make sure that the conclusions of comparing and contrasting papers must have some value not only for the reader but also for you personally.
  • If you can’t guarantee this, we recommend changing the entire argument or topic.
  • When you start writing, you must list out the objects that need to be compared and compared.
  • There should also be a good logical connection between paragraphs.

Hope that the above detailed guide on how to write a compare and contrast essay was enough to help you select the right topic for you.  But if you are still wondering and do not know how to start. Then don’t worry, there are a lot of good services that are ready to help you on your ‘write my essay’ queries! is an online reliable platform,  where the experts are available 24/7 to help you with your college essays and assignments. We provide quality academic papers on time at the most reasonable prices. Place an order now and get the best assistance from our ‘write my essay for me‘ service.

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