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Persuasive Essay Topics 2024

Persuasive Essay Topics

If you are a student and reading this article, you would know that essay writing has always been part of your life throughout your academic journey. It’s an essential academic skill that every student must possess.

One of the most challenging essay types is persuasive essay writing, as it requires students to formulate logical reasoning, use careful words and prove their opinion based on facts.

The purpose of persuasive writing is to persuade the reader to agree with your point of view by convincing them that you have a credible argument.

It is crucial to keep in mind that persuasive writing is based on facts, not opinions.

You may have an unpopular opinion, but you must have facts to support this discussion you want to have. You cannot simply say what you think about the problem and expect your reader to adopt the same viewpoint.

For students, an essential right topic for your essay is tiring and stressful as it is important. There are several ways to choose a subject for your persuasive essay.

Your teacher can give you one choice of multiple choices. Or you may need to find a topic based on your own experience or the texts you have studied. If you choose to select cases, it is helpful to select the one that interests you and for which you already feel firmly attached.

Another critical factor to consider before you start writing is the audience. If you’re trying to persuade a room full of teachers that homework is wrong, for example, you’ll be using a different set of arguments than you would if the audience consisted of high school students or parents.

Here are some points which you should keep in mind while selecting a persuasive essay topic:

Points to keep in Mind while Selecting a Topic for Persuasive Essay

Find Your Interest

If your instructor hasn’t assigned a specific topic to write, it’s not difficult to find your topic. The most accessible topics to write about are the things that interest or excite you.

For example, if you love dogs, then “dogs” is a topic that you can create many persuasive arguments to write about, such as “obedience makes dogs happier” or “vegan diets are bad for them.” dogs. “

Narrow it Down

Once you find your interest and select the topic now, it’s time to narrow it down.

Mainly the topic that you choose has many aspects and a lot of information available.  This can be a confusing situation as the information more than you require confuses you.

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To avoid this confusion you must choose one aspect of the topic,  find information relevant to that aspect,  prepare your essay and write it down.

Talk About Controversy

Whenever you talk about controversy, keep in mind that people have opposite opinions about it.

You do not need to choose an opposite side to follow this trend. Always choose a side which is logical and makes sense.

Pick The Side You Agree With

As you know, persuasive topics have two sides to support, one in favor and one against. Be very sure that you choose a persuasive topic with both sides having equal potential. So that one side is not obvious, leaving you no counter arguments to prove your point.

Moreover, pick your side and make sure that you have enough  arguments to  convince your readers. For this, you need to fully agree with your side, for example, if you pick a side you do not agree with you will never be able to convince your readers.

Find Strong Evidence and Examples

Do detailed research to collect the evidence and examples to support your side. Quoting facts and examples are highly significant in proving your point.

To make your essay more compelling and impressive you can use primary and secondary sources to collect different opinions, facts and statistics.

Common Strategies Used in Persuasive Writing

  • Use repetition by stating the main theme of your persuasive argument in several different ways
  • Use metaphors, similes, and analogies to make comparisons that relate your topic to something the reader can already understand and agree with.
  • Include social proof in the form of testimonials and external applications
  • Consider the reader’s objections to your point of view
  • Give a glimpse into the future, using facts and statistics to predict possible outcomes

Persuasive Essay Topics 2024 for Students

Below are some persuasive essay topics for students at different levels.

Persuasive Essay Topics for University Students

  • Why are lawyers highly paid professionals?
  • Why is it necessary to censor internet content?
  • Some say technology is destruction, others think it is a bonus. What do you think?  Support your argument with valid examples
  • Which would you prefer: privacy or security?
  • What are the positive aspects of rivalry?
  • Traditional schooling is better than online education.
  • Why is it essential to update and revise the state’s welfare system?
  • There must be some limits to freedom of speech. What is your opinion?
  • Video games can be educational.
  • College athletes should be paid for their services.
  • Professional sports should eliminate cheerleaders.
  • Teenagers should be able to start driving at 14 instead of 16.
  • School all year round is a bad idea.
  • High school campuses should be guarded by police.
  • The legal drinking age should be lowered to 19.
  • Children under 15 should not have Facebook pages.
  • Standardized tests should be eliminated.
  • Teachers should be better paid.
  • There should be a world currency.

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Persuasive Essay Topics for College students

  • Annual driving tests should be mandatory for the first five years after licensing.
  • Recreational marijuana should be made legal across the country.
  • Legal marijuana should be taxed and regulated like tobacco or alcohol.
  • Child support crooks should go to jail.
  • Students should be allowed to pray in school.
  • Internet access should be free for all.
  • Social security should be privatized.
  • Pregnant couples should take parenting classes.
  • We should not be using products made from animals.
  • Celebrities should have more privacy rights.
  • Professional football is too violent and should be banned.
  • Students should be paid for good grades.
  • Students should have less assignments.
  • Snowy days are great for spending time with the family.
  • Calligraphy is important.
  • Short hair is better than long hair.
  • We should all grow our own vegetables.
  • We need more vacation.
  • Aliens probably exist.
  • The gym class is more important than the music class.
  • Children should be able to vote.
  • Students should be paid for additional activities like sports.

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Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  • Home surveillance without a warrant should be legal.
  • Notes in letters should be replaced with pass or fail.
  • Every family should have a natural disaster survival plan.
  • Parents should talk to children about drugs at a young age.
  • Racial slurs should be illegal.
  • The possession of firearms should be strictly regulated.
  • Puerto Rico should be granted statehood.
  • People should go to jail when they abandon their pets.
  • Freedom of expression should have limits.
  • Members of congress should be subject to term limits.
  • Recycling should be compulsory for everyone.
  • High speed internet access should be regulated as a public service.
  • Cell phones should never be used while driving.
  • All schools should implement bullying awareness programs.
  • Bullies should be kicked out of school.
  • Parents of bullies should pay a fine.
  • The school year should be longer.
  • School days should start later.
  • Teens should be able to choose their bedtime.
  • There should be a compulsory entrance exam to high school.
  • Public transit should be privatized.
  • We should allow pets in school.
  • The voting age should be lowered to 16.
  • Beauty pageants are bad for body image.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  • Annual driving tests should be mandatory for the first five years after licensing.
  • We need better sex education in schools.
  • School tests are not effective.
  • The United States should build a border wall with Mexico and with Canada.
  • Life is better than 50 years ago.
  • Eating meat is unethical.
  • A vegan diet is the only diet that people should be following.
  • Medical tests on animals should be illegal.
  • The electoral college is obsolete.
  • Medical tests on animals are necessary.
  • Public safety is more important than an individual’s right to privacy.
  • Single-sex colleges offer better education.
  • Books should never be banned.
  • Violent video games can cause people to act violently in real life.
  • Freedom of religion has limits.
  • Nuclear power should be illegal.
  • Climate change is expected to be the president’s main political concern
  • The government should impose limits on household waste.
  • Nuclear weapons are an effective deterrent against foreign attacks.
  • Adolescents should be required to take parenting classes.
  • We should be teaching etiquette in schools.
  • School uniform laws are unconstitutional.
  • All students must wear uniforms.
  • Too much money is a bad thing.
  • High schools should offer specialized degrees in the arts or sciences.
  • Magazine ads send unhealthy signals to young women.
  • Automated calls should be banned.
  • The age of 12 is too young to babysit.
  • Children should be required to read more.
  • All students should have the opportunity to study abroad.
  • Annual driving tests should be compulsory after age 65.

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Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

  • Mobile phones must be banned during class lectures. Why?
  • How would you spend your money in a productive way?
  • Should junk meals be banned at school? What are the reasons?
  • For an ambitious family, is it important to move from a small village to a large City?
  • What constitutes true friendship?
  • Why should families spend more time together?
  • What important issues are there in the life of children and why should parents discuss them?
  • Pros and cons of eating sweets.
  • There must be a proper uniform for the students. Discuss.
  • School should take place in the evening.
  • Country life is better than city life.
  • City life is better than country life.
  • We can change the world.
  • Skateboard helmets should be mandatory.
  • We have to provide food for the poor.
  • Children should be paid to do household chores.
  • We should populate the moon.
  • Dogs make better pets than cats.

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Most people use public transport for traveling purposes. Why?
  • How pollution is affecting the ozone layer?
  • What are the reasons for using disposable diapers?
  • Why is it important to keep the environment clean?
  • Female workers should have the same salary as male workers. Give some reasons.
  • Children should not watch horror movies. Explain why?
  • Fairy tales are good for kids.
  • Why parental pressure is dangerous for children?
  • Should men wear pink?

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Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics 2024

  • Should gay marriages be allowed?
  • A man is not a product of nature but a product of society? Discuss.
  • Sex education should be a must for younger teenagers.
  • The internet is not safe for young children. Describe Why?
  • Children should be allowed to drive. Give solid arguments if you support this statement.
  • Should dating be allowed at the workplace?
  • Is separating children from abusing parents the right act?
  • Repeat offenders should be charged with the death penalty. What are the reasons?

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

  • It is said that bad decisions make a person wise. How can you support this statement with valid examples?
  • Which part of life is more difficult: adult life or teenager life?
  • Do non-veg care about animals? What do you think?
  • Who is the better option to be friends with a mother or a father?
  • Why should you never add your parents as a friend on social media accounts?
  • Should men be judged for wearing pink?
  • Why do people hate Monday? Discuss your reasons?
  • how using the autocorrect option has ruined our life?

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Sports which include animals for or race of fighting are immoral.
  • Women should not do bodybuilding as it is risky for their health. Why?
  • Do energy drinks impact the performance of athletes? Women are better dancers and syllabus as compared to men. Do you agree?
  • Athletes are not trained; they are born. Do you agree?
  • Practicing sports is the best way to relieve stress.
  • Why are men more prone to injuries during sports events than females?
  • Which sport is better? Badminton or tennis.
  • Swimming is good for your health?
  • The reality of WWE.

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Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

  • Should hunting be banned?
  • Microchipping stray and pet animals are unethical. Discuss.
  • Why should animal testing be banned across the globe?
  • Beauty products not tested on animals? Give your reasons.
  • Animals survived extremely cold conditions. Explain how?
  • Pets are good for kids. What are the reasons behind this?
  • Do snakes make great pets?
  • Should we save endangered species? Why should we do that?
  • Pet Healthcare is very expensive. What are the reasons?

Crime and Law Persuasive Essay Topic

  • Guns should not be allowed on college campuses. What could be the consequences?
  • Privacy rights should be given to every individual.
  • The death penalty should be banned.
  • Should recreational marijuana be legalized?
  • Offenders of domestic violence tend to become terrorists. How?
  • Why are police involved in cases of brutality?
  • What are the concept of policing and social order?
  • Causes of victimization.
  • What are parental abduction laws?
  • What is the history of corporal punishment?

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Environment Related Persuasive Essays

  • Climate change is caused by human beings.
  • Industrialization is causing global warming.
  • Recycling should be mandatory.
  • Pros and cons of alternative fuel. Discuss.
  • Rainforests need to be protected. What are the reasons?
  • Plastic bags should be banned.
  • Benefits of microbes to human health.
  • What are the ways to conserve natural resources?
  • Impacts of oil spills on marine life.
  • Palm oil should be banned.

Health Related Persuasive Essay Topics 2024

  • Should Healthcare be free of cost?
  • Obesity has become the major source of increasing Death rates. What are the reasons?
  • For better health communication, restaurants should display nutrition values on the menu cards.
  • What are the after-effects of diabetes on a person at work?
  • Overeating salt is bad for your health. Explain why?
  • Why is good sleep important?
  • The effects of overeating.
  • Is toothpaste healthy?
  • What are the effects of diet pills and supplements?
  • What are the effects of drug prices on patients?

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General Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Diets make people fat.
  • Romantic love is a bad foundation for marriage.
  • The war on terror has contributed to the abuse of human rights.
  • High school graduates must take a year off before entering college.
  • All citizens are required by law to vote.
  • Any state-financed welfare should be abolished.
  • Both parents should take equal responsibility in raising children.
  • Americans should have more vacations and longer vacations.
  • Participating in team sports helps develop good character.
  • The manufacture and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal.
  • People have become overly dependent on technology.
  • Censorship is sometimes justified.
  • Privacy is not the most important right.
  • Drunk drivers should be imprisoned for first offense.
  • The lost art of letter writing deserves to be revived.
  • Government and military personnel should have the right to strike.
  • Most study abroad programs should be renamed to “party abroad”: a waste of time and money
  • The continued decline of CD sales and the rapid growth of music downloads mark a new era of innovation in popular music.
  • University students should have the freedom to choose their own courses.
  • The solution to the impending crisis in Social Security is the immediate elimination of this government program.
  • The primary mission of colleges and universities should be to prepare students for the workforce.
  • Financial incentives should be offered to high school students who perform well on standardized tests.
  • All students in high school and college are required to take a foreign language for at least two years.
  • University students in the US should be offered financial incentives to graduate in three years, not four.
  • College athletes should be exempted from regular class attendance policies.
  • Higher taxes should be placed on soft drinks and junk food to promote healthy eating.
  • Students should not be asked to take physical education classes.
  • All citizens under the age of 21 must pass a driver training course before obtaining a driver’s license.
  • Students caught cheating in the exam should be automatically expelled from the university.

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