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Persuasive Speech Topics 2024

Persuasive Speech Topics

Do you think you have got the accurate set of skills to deliver a perfect persuasive speech but are currently struggling trying to find persuasive speech topics that best fits your interest as well as your speaking tone?

Don’t freak out because you are not the only one in this ship. A lot of students immensely struggle when it comes to preparing speeches, or more specifically, persuasive speeches.

While some may have a difficult time structuring the content of persuasive speech in the right sequence, some may also experience complexities and perplexities when looking for the best persuasive speech topics. However, we suggest you to drop your worry baskets right here because all of your problems related to persuasive speech will be solved within a snap now.

Before we get started, it’s important to dive in the depths of this domain and have a full-fledged understanding of it. Let’s first shed a light on what exactly is a persuasive speech and have a look at the common challenges faced by students while preparing their persuasive speeches.

What is A Persuasive Speech?

Similar to every other speech category, a persuasive speech also gives you the liberty of voicing your opinion. However, the only difference between other speech types and persuasive speech is the idea of convincing the listener to agree with the point you are raising or stating. Is it a piece of cake?

No, not at all! But is it impossible to pull off? Definitely not! You can pull off anything you want as long as you are putting your utmost dedication in it as well as your devotion.

We agree making somebody agree to what you are stating is no easy feat. But with the help of relevant and accurate facts, statistics and evidences, you can definitely prove your point. That will automatically force the person listening to you to concede with your statement.

A persuasive speech is all about convincing the audience to believe and go with your point of view. It can come either in the form of debates over controversial topics, pitching of sales or even activities such as legal proceedings.

A lot of students have this misconception about persuasive speeches that the only way they can persuade the listener is through words. And they can’t be more wrong! Factors as such the style of delivering your opinion, your eye contact, your body language and the environment in which the speech is delivered also plays a very crucial role.

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Along with that, the victory of a persuasive speech is also determined by the willingness of the audience as well as the credibility of the speaker’s argument.

Sadly, a lot of major points when preparing and delivering the speech are missed by the speaking students. Therefore, go through the list of common challenges faced by students while preparing their persuasive speeches and avoid them as much as you can when you are drafting the speech yourself.

Challenges Encountered while Preparing Persuasive Speeches

  • While drafting a persuasive speech, students have to keep a check of a lot of things. You don’t just have to make the audience agree with the idea you have expressed but also have to seem polite in accordance to the audience’s with utterly opposing or different views and believes.
  • One of the biggest challenges faced by students, no matter what educational level, is the topic block. Coming up with the perfect persuasive speech topic you can confidently go with is often an obstacle. You may get stuck contemplating what topic to address.
  • However, you will find an effective solution to this problem of yours later in this blog. One of the most proficient and diligent persuasive speech specialists have compiled persuasive speech topic names under specified categories to bring you the utmost ease.
  • Respecting those with opposing point of views is often considered an arduous task while writing a persuasive speech. You may get too indulged in to proving your point that you may start disrespecting or disregarding somebody else’s belief or point of view.
  • Every 6 out of 10 students commit this sin while delivering a persuasive speech and face the consequences later. Henceforth, it is recommended to pick out topics that are a little less controversial and won’t directly pick on to someone else’s certain belief. It is highly important to honor other viewpoints too.
  • Employing inaccurate facts, stats and figures is also one common reason why less or no people from the audience will be convinced with what you are saying. Our advice is don’t go for a topic that is too simple because then everybody from the audience will easily be able to develop a different opinion about it.
  • Similarly, don’t go for a topic that is too difficult to comprehend. If you do so, most of the audience sitting will have no idea what is going and hence, whatever you will be expressing, will go all in vain.
  • To help you avoid problems like this, our experts have prepared lists of topics, for different subject majors as well various educational levels so that you can easily pick a topic without being perplexed at all.

Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

  • Online classes are better than physical classes
  • Degrees won’t be counted to get jobs in the future
  • Children should get the opportunity to give a name to themselves
  • Arranged marriages are a big no
  • The legal age should turn to 16 instead of 21
  • Non-profit organizations also retain profit in one way or another
  • Every citizen should’ve the right to vote despite their ages
  • Global warming is a fake perception
  • The minimum wage rate set by the government is too less
  • Modesty doesn’t just come from clothes

Persuasive Speech Topics for Law

  • Nuclear disarmament is necessary to restore world peace.
  • Drug Tests Should be compulsory in all professional sports
  • Watch Out for Animals On the Road while driving
  • Are African-Americans still not represented properly in the court of law?
  • Cyber bullying is the major cause of suicide among youngsters.
  • Abortion worsens the health of women.
  • Foster parent’s homes should be regularly inspected.
  • Self-driving cars are not reliable.
  • Should it be legal for people to own exotic pets such as tigers or chimps?
  • Do you believe the government should recognize same-sex marriage?

Persuasive Speech Topics for Sociology

  • Does Mass Media portray a false reality about the sociopolitical situations around the world?
  • Does gender inequality still exist in the work or the corporate world?
  • Does racial segregation and inequality still exist in minorities and communities?
  • Does racial unrest still exist today?
  • How women and men are presented in Media?
  • Correlation between the youth and the usage of Social media
  • Does Social Media Promote Narcissism
  • How the Media Advertises Food
  • The coming forward of the LGBTQ and other communities in front of Media
  • Does Nazism or Zionism still exist today?

Topics for Primary School Students

  • Schools are more than enough for 2 days a week
  • Sports should be made mandatory to everybody
  • Too much fame is hazardous for young children
  • School uniforms are fun and good
  • Quizzes are better than tests
  • The practice of teaching recycling should be made common in every school
  • Plastic is dangerous for the environment
  • It is better to have dog as pets rather than cats
  • Football is a risky sport
  • Students should have a say to pick school that looks the best for them

Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Students

  • The global warming is mainly caused by the human activity
  • The use of paper bags are anytime safer than the plastic bags
  • The greater the demand of a product, the lesser is its supply
  • Deer hunting isn’t ethical
  • The internet has changed the way people’s heart & mind work now
  • Automation will completely take over the jobs of people
  • Being neutral all the time is also unfair
  • Filed trips are just a way of distracting students
  • Short school days result into more productivity
  • Students shouldn’t get into romantic affairs during their high school years

Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

  • Students should receive voice notes of every lecture they attend
  • A gap year before starting college is the wisest choice
  • Partying during college actually may not make an adverse impact on your academics
  • The subject Dictionary should be made common in every college
  • Extensive exams shouldn’t really be brought into the scene before college starts
  • E-books should replace the normal text books by now
  • Bullying should directly lead to termination from the college
  • Colleges should offer more scholarship and financial aid than it is doing right now
  • Colleges should have a valet system
  • Online interaction also leads to bullying

Persuasive Speech Topics for Sports & Health

  • Physical injuries also affects the mental health of athletes
  • Woman, with their consent, should be allowed to compete men in the sport of their interest and expertise
  • Men wrestlers have more recognition and fame then women wrestlers anytime
  • Cheerleaders are only for the purpose of bringing colors to the sports fest
  • The past had more respect for sports than the present
  • Frequent sports win will increase your self-esteem whereas frequent losses will have an adverse effect on your mental health
  • College athletes need more time off
  • Girls should constantly be encouraged to take frequent part in the sports
  • Girls team should have woman sport coaches whereas boys team should a guy coach
  • The way state athletes are paid for representing their states and areas, similarly college athletes should be paid for representing their college too

Persuasive Speech Topics for Religion

  • Christians have experienced religious transformation throughout their era
  • Christianity contains too many symbols
  • Prayers in public and private schools should be made normal
  • Religious wear must-not be banned anywhere
  • Christianity and Islam are very similar
  • The background of all the 4 Holy Books
  • Public holidays should be granted on every religion’s event
  • The origin of Zionism
  • Israel is the size of New York. It is a colonial state yet so powerful. How?
  • Ethnic cleansing of 2021 in Palestine by Zionists will remake history. The same as 1947 is taking place in 2021 in Gaza

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics for Beginners

  • Too much coffee consumption leads to addiction and dependence
  • Artificial intelligence has completely changed the outlook of the world in a good and beneficial way
  • Men master the art of disappointing women
  • Radical feminism causes no harm
  • Obtaining therapy for your consolation has got nothing do with your mental stability
  • Parents should not spy on the activities of their children all the time
  • Breastfeeding in public places shouldn’t be considered an act of shame
  • Early marriages of children with their will and consent should be supported. There is no harm in growing together
  • Long-distance relationships are also as successful as no-distance relationship. It’s all about trust.

Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

  • Ethical boundaries should never be crossed in a relationship
  • The Government can do more about income equality than it is doing right now
  • The easy access to drugs such as Marijuana and Hash should be stopped right away
  • Listening rather than speaking is an art
  • Should we compromise for others?
  • Money can buy happiness
  • Love at first sight doesn’t make sense
  • Orthodox people can be risky at times
  • Emotional impulsiveness can be dangerous
  • Mass shooting children is terrorism not self-defense

Has the problem of lack of persuasive speech topics finished as yet? We know you feel relieved now! Now that you have got so many relevant topics to pick from, your life has become a lot easier.

Pick up a topic, carry out your research and bring yourself ease. It is the time to excel in your speech. We are confident you would be able to pull it off through the list of our persuasive speech topics! If you still can’t write an effective speech, you can place an order here to get an expert to write it for you.

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Good Luck, go break a leg!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I obtain a list of persuasive speech topics?

If you are on an hunt for the best and the most trending list of persuasive speech topics, then look no more further, for you have reached to the right destination. The experienced people employed under our wing have constructed the most amazing lists of persuasive speech topics settled under different categories to provide you with the utmost ease. Don’t waste time, go check them out right now!

  • How can I make my persuasive speech effective and efficient?

The first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in your mind while drafting persuasive speech is to add a good number of sources as well as facts to make a good impression. Adding sources, facts, and figures in your speech is like a value-added activity that shouldn’t be skipped by anyone.

Moreover, the information you’re going to utilize should come from authentic and reliable sources. Last but not the least; make sure you prepare a solid outline before taking a start on it. You should dive into the depths of persuasive speech topic you have chosen and only should start drafting the speech once you are fully aware.

It’ll not only help you keep a check of the content you’ve already added into your speech but also save you from repetition. By following these three tips, we ensure your persuasive speech will be highly impressive!

  • What topic should I write my persuasive speech on?

A lot of students struggle when it comes to choosing a topic for their persuasive speech. However, worry no more for we have got you covered. Our expert persuasive essay writers and debate professionals have prepared lists of the best and the most relevant topics for you.

You can check that out and gain an insight on what is trending. And the best part? The lists are completely free of cost!

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