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Debate Topics 2023

Debate Topics 2021

Do you think you can open an argument to give your opinion? Do you have enough understanding and material to support your argument? Can you keep your audience engaged enough to listen to you?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” then with little guidance you can be a good debater.

Conducting debate sessions at schools is an Interactive and healthy activity for kids’ personality development. They learn how to give their point of view by agreeably disagreeing with others opinion.

A famous quote says,

“For good ideas and true innovations, you need human interactions, conflicts, arguments, debates” Margaret heffernan

This article will give you as much advice as possible in order to be able to debate in good conditions and to ensure that the debate is as constructive and as beneficial as possible for you and for others.

What is a debate?

A debate is an exchange of different opinions on the same subject between several people. The purpose of a debate is not to convince your “opponent” or your readers that you are right and they are wrong, but to advance your thinking with your “partner” and present your viewpoint to others.

Debate topics must be well prepared. The condition for success is knowledge of the subject which makes it possible to rule out any received ideas, prejudices and stereotypes which could be challenged and create a deleterious atmosphere.

Healthy debating at schools, colleges and universities is an interesting and enlightening activity which boosts student’s confidence and increases their knowledge.

Some tips for debate

  • stay modest.
  • you are not there to convince or “win” the debate.
  • identify the reason for the disagreement.
  • keep calm and respect the other participants.
  • be specific in the words you use and don’t leave room for ambiguity.
  • Feel free to define the words you use.
  • check and cite your sources.
  • pay attention to the validity of your reasoning and avoid rhetoric.
  • Remember that words cannot replace science experiments or solving complex equations.
  • don’t get into the troll game.
  • avoid repeating yourself.

How to choose good debate topics?

There are too many debate topics, you will naturally feel that you can play everything, but in fact, some debate topics are really unbalanced or boring, and you won’t know the pits until you really play.

A good topic should generally consider the following elements:

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Debate topics should be something you are primarily interested in and should also be of interest to the audience you are talking to. Your audience should be compelled to listen to your point of view. It is possible only if your topic is not too boring or too vague.


Researching your debate topic is essential as it makes you aware of counter arguments. The more you are prepared for counter arguments, the more you are able to convince the audience by increasing your chances to win.

Target audience:

Always choose a topic according to the intellectual level and knowledge of the target audience. They won’t be able to understand you if you talk to them more than their intellect.

Argument potential:

Your topic would be of no use if one side weigh more than the other and you have no supportive argument left to defend yourself. Some topics are too obvious that one side is clearly right, then you will face difficulty carrying on your debate.

Debate Topics For College Students

  1. Artificial intelligence studies all over the world must/should not be stopped.
  2. Are genetically modified foods a viable solution to world hunger?
  3. Should the voting age be lowered?
  4. Do you think there should be the death penalty today?
  5. Should children under 16 have their own social media accounts?
  6. Is it ethical to develop nuclear energy for commercial use?
  7. Is it ethical to use animals for experiments?
  8. Has social media improved human communication?
  9. Are genetically modified babies more dangerous or more beneficial?
  10. Can the law keep up with today’s internet technology?
  11. Should it be possible for technology to fuse with the human body to develop a mechanical biological hybrid?
  12. Is euthanasia a right?
  13. Should abortion be legal?
  14. Is hunting ethical?
  15. Is vegetarianism good or bad for the world?
  16. Should genetic engineering be legal?
  17. Should smoking be banned in public places?
  18. Do our votes really matter?
  19. Should citizens who do not vote be penalized?
  20. Should the sale of pets be banned?
  21. Is democracy the best form of government?
  22. Should all parents attend parenting classes without having children?
  23. Does social media trigger teen suicides?
  24. Is Google the best search engine or should we use another search engine?
  25. Why are local governments not functioning well in Pakistan?
  26. Is online education more effective than traditional?
  27. Can a nation adopt another culture in a short time?

Debate Topics For School Students

  1. Should people be fined based on their income?
  2. Is higher education a prerequisite for future financial success?
  3. Does homework support learning?
  4. Should teens leave home after finishing high school?
  5. Should martial arts be banned?
  6. Is it okay to ban plastic bags and packaging?
  7. How does tourism affect the environment?
  8. Is a detached house or apartment life more peaceful?
  9. Is history an important subject that all students should learn?
  10. Does knowledge of history enrich one’s worldview?
  11. Should ads about schools be banned?
  12. Should artificial intelligence studies be stopped?
  13. Is it okay to have ads on children’s channels?
  14. Should adults have the right to bear arms?
  15. Is it good to be a group member or a group leader?
  16. Is freedom of expression necessary for a nation to grow?
  17. Is it ethical to keep wild and exotic animals out of their natural habitat?
  18. Should people be able to participate in experiments involving lethal risk for a fee?
  19. Is keeping exotic animals at home good for them?
  20. Should clothing companies be required to have large size and small size requirements?
  21. Employers want their employees’ social media accounts. Is this correct behavior?
  22. Do video games promote violence among children and youth?
  23. Are only those who make a lot of money successful?
  24. Should we trust banks?
  25. Should people check weather events?
  26. Is all war bad?
  27. Is hunting ethical?
  28. Testing on animals: Should animals be used for scientific achievements?
  29. Zoos: are they good or not?
  30. Should the state finance the election work of the parties?
  31. Should everyone have the right to own a gun?
  32. Should sports education be made compulsory for every student?
  33. Should we plan or not spend our free time?
  34. Should boarding education away from the family be banned before high school?
  35. Is it ethical to use animals for testing?
  36. Can financial problems destroy a country?
  37. Should performance-enhancing drugs be acceptable to athletes?
  38. Should children use smartphones?

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Debate Topics For Kids

  1. Can we replace teachers with computers?
  2. Does space exploration really matter?
  3. Are zoos beneficial for animals in any way?
  4. What is the need for the Olympic Games?
  5. Is change needed during the voting period?
  6. Should school hours be guided later in the day?
  7. Need to eat fast food in the school cafeteria?
  8. If a child makes a mistake, should parents punish him for it?
  9. Do you have to save money instead of spending everything?
  10. Do children need privacy in their lives?
  11. You can return to using Facebook Addictive?
  12. Is it necessary to wear uniforms for school children?
  13. Should children be allowed to play video games?
  14. Is it necessary to give homework to children?
  15. Is it mandatory to adopt a pet for every household?
  16. Does it make sense to allow cell phones at school?
  17. Can we let kids take long trips alone?

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Interesting Debate Topics

  1. Who travels well, knows a lot, or reads a lot?
  2. Are the first people happier or the modern people?
  3. Is knowledge superior in war, or is it the sword?
  4. Is man or woman more important in the progress of society?
  5. Is hard work or luck important in success?
  6. Should development start from the village or the city?
  7. Climate; Does it change a person’s personality or not?
  8. Is money or education important in the development of tourism?
  9. Is art or science important in the development of civilization?
  10. Are laws or environmental awareness effective in protecting forests?
  11. Is family or school effective in child education?
  12. Is intelligence or work important for success?
  13. Money; Does it open every door or not?
  14. Is mother or father more important in child education?
  15. Should agriculture or industry be prioritized in the development of the country?
  16. Should women work in the family or not?
  17. Does man dominate nature, or does nature dominate man?
  18. Is it the person who commits a crime, or is it society?
  19. Is it money or education that will develop the country?
  20. Is it the public sector, which ensures the rapid development of the country, or the private sector?
  21. Is the environment or family effective in child education?
  22. Has the discovery of the atom been beneficial or harmful to humanity?
  23. Is cinema or theater effective in the development of a society?

General Debate Topics

  1. Parents (parents) are the best teachers. Do you agree with his opinion?
  2. Cooking has become easy lately. Did this convenience lead to an improvement in people’s lifestyles?
  3. Television has disrupted the relationship between friends and families. Do you agree with this?
  4. Where would you prefer to live? In the city or in the village?
  5. Educational institutions should transfer students’ sports activities as much as the money they transfer to education. Are you keeping your opinion?
  6. Some of them prefer to prepare the food at the restaurant and some at home. Where would you like to eat?
  7. Some say that participation in university courses should be free. Some say that it should be compulsory to attend university courses. Which of these do you agree with?
  8. A new disco will open right next to your house. Do you oppose or support it?
  9. Should the state renew public transportation vehicles or build better roads?
  10. Is it better for children to live in the village than in the city? Do you agree with this?
  11. People sometimes have to do things they don’t like. Do you agree with this?
  12. Television, newspapers and magazines give too much space to the private lives of celebrities. What do you think about this?
  13. Some feel that the world has been harmed by humans. Do you agree with this?
  14. Some people spend their lives in the same place all the time, while others live in change for a better job, for the environment, for the home, or even for the weather. Which one do you prefer?
  15. Is it good to spend or save your money as soon as you earn it?
  16. Someone gave you some money as a gift. With this money, you can buy either a jewel or a ticket to a concert you want to attend. Which would you prefer?
  17. Attending a live broadcast is more fun than watching any event on TV. Do you agree?
  18. Progress is always good, do you agree?
  19. Knowing the past is of no use to those living in the present. Do you agree with his opinion?

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Science and Technology Debate Topics

  1. Should human cloning be banned?
  2. Should renewable energy types be subsidized by the government?
  3. Should the US government fund a space mission to Mars?
  4. Should social media comments be protected by freedom of expression?
  5. Should parents be allowed to choose their baby’s gender?
  6. Should animal testing be banned?
  7. Should the US government provide internet service to every citizen?
  8. Are video games too violent for kids?
  9. Should nuclear weapons production be allowed?

Political Debate Topics

  1. Is it appropriate for the government to restrict freedom of expression?
  2. Is democracy the best form of government?
  3. Should citizens who do not vote be fined?
  4. Is the right to bear arms a necessary constitutional amendment today?
  5. Should the legal voting/driving/drinking age be lowered or raised?
  6. Should a border fence be built between the USA and Mexico?
  7. Should America give foreign aid to other countries?
  8. Should drone strikes against specific targets be used for modern warfare?
  9. Should affirmative action be removed?
  10. Should the death penalty  be abolished?
  11. Should micro-attacks be punished by law?
  12. Should cruel treatment of animals be illegal?

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Debate Topics 2022

  1. Do you agree that students learn better and faster thanks to technology?
  2. Never give up! What it means: Never stop to reach your goals means work even harder. Do you agree with his opinion?
  3. Some people like to travel with friends and some like to travel alone. Which would you prefer?
  4. Some prefer to get up early and start work right away, while others prefer to get up late and work until late at night. Which would you prefer?
  5. Would you prefer to work in a very large holding or a small firm?
  6. Face-to-face dialogue is better than other forms of communication (letter, telephone, etc.). Do you agree with this?
  7. Some like to do a job the best they know, some like to take new methods or risks. What would you prefer?
  8. How to achieve success? By working with a plan or by taking some risks and taking chances in life?
  9. We should never judge a person based on his outward appearance. Do you agree with this?
  10. One should not make an important decision alone. Do you agree with this?
  11. Some movies are made to make people think, some just to make people laugh and entertain. Which one do you agree with?
  12. Businessmen must do everything to make a profit? Do you agree with this?
  13. Some people rush to do or get a job done, while others take it slow. Which one do you agree with?
  14. Games are as important for adults as they are for children. Do you agree with this?
  15. Can adults make decisions on behalf of their children?
  16. Although some of our experiences in life may seem difficult at first, they are important lessons for the future. Do you agree with this?
  17. Should cities preserve their old historic buildings or demolish them and replace them with more modern buildings?
  18. The influence of classmates on the success of the child is greater than that of his parents? Do you agree with this?

Hope you found this article helpful enough in selecting a debate topic.

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