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APA Format and Citation – Complete Guide with Example

APA Format Guide

Writing a research paper can likewise be an incredible chance to investigate a point that is especially intriguing to someone. The research permits one to acquire skill on a subject of their own choice or is assigned to them.

It assists one with recalling what they have realized and then they comprehend all of it on a more profound level.
Before starting to write any type of research paper the key point to keep in mind is which type of format one is suppose to follow, according to the rules and regulations of a university or any institute.

One of the well known and profoundly form of research paper format is the APA format of writing. APA format of writing is generally utilized by experts, specialists as well as students in various fields such as behavioral as well as social sciences to conduct various researches. APA and MLA formats are most commonly used referencing styles to cite the documents.

This type of format includes various basic field regarding education, businesses as well as psychology.

APA Format of Writing a Research Paper

The abbreviation for the APA is American Psychological Association. This is one of the most known formats for essay or research paper writing.

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It is the style of writing which comes with the justifications of font size as well as margins and some other writing style rules, which we will discuss in the section given below:

For a student, when they experience various types of papers or articles such as exploration papers, as well as exposition, and postulation else wise called experiment reports. Some of the headings while writing an APA format research paper are given in the section below:

1. Title page
2. Abstract
3. Table of content
4. Introduction
5. Terminologies or methods
6. Discussion
7. Results
8. References
9. Tables or Figures

Now discussing each of the above mention heading in details in the section below:

Title Page of APA Format

As the title page is the starting of any research paper, so it is ought to be great and according to the style suggested by the organization, for this situation, the APA style is mostly recommended.

We all know that it is a quite known quote “the first impression is the last impression” according to this quote you’re starting should be as attractive as your whole text to attract the readers more. If there is some error in the construction of the APA design documents then the reader won’t have decent gut feelings and ultimately won’t like it either.

The title page is the principal page of an APA Style paper. There are quite a lot of rules for a researcher to write in its format.

Two forms may incorporate the paper title and creator’s name as well as alliance. The researcher adaptation incorporates the course number as well as name along with educator name, and due date of the task. The expert adaptation incorporates a creator note and header.

While filling this page, keep in mind that each word should start with the first letter in the capital, well-focused as well as should be on the upper side of the page. According to the APA format, 12 words are the maximum for the title page and the words shouldn’t surpass this limit.

Word Fonts and textures

While writing an APA style research paper on word, one can simply download various free formats of APA which can easily be found online through various websites.

The most important thing to keep in mind while writing an APA format research paper is its font-size e as well as its writing style which is:

• If one is writing in style Times New Roman then they should go for the size of 12 approximately.

• If one is writing in style Arial then they should go for the size of 11 approximately.

• If one is writing in style Calibri then they should go for the size of 11 approximately.

• If one is writing in style Georgia then they should go for the size of 11 approximately.

The main point to ponder on is to keep one font size and writing style throughout the whole research paper document.

Page Structure in APA Format

The point to consider is to keep one composing style all through the entire examination paper, which is:

• First of all, keep the margin of all the pages to 1 inch from all the side.

• Keep all the first lines of each paragraph to the size of 0.5 inches.

• While writing your research, keep the double space between each word even when one is writing any heading.

While writing a paper of APA style, each page should contain a header. A header can be put on via the insert menu in the word document. When a student is making a research paper, the page header should be in the upper right corner. For proficient papers planned for distribution, it likewise incorporates a running head.

A header is just the paper’s title, with all letters in the capital. The page header can be almost 50 characters maximum, but one should avoid using long headers.

Headings in APA

APA headings have five main potential levels to fulfill.

• For 1 level heading, it is utilized for fundamental segments, for example, for strategies as well as methods.

• From 2 to 5 heading level, they are utilized for subheadings.

• Each heading level is organized in an unexpectedly unique way.

At the time of writing, the writer needs to realize how many numbers of heading levels they are going utilize as well as when is the right timing to utilize any heading level, along with how to set up heading styles in their writing document. At that point, the writer should look for the perfect and best way to utilize each heading.

Abstract in APA Format

The abstract requires giving a brief however far-reaching synopsis of the substance of one’s research paper. It gives an outline of the paper and assists the reader with concluding whether to peruse the full content or stop instead.

Approximately 150 to 250 words are considered to be a rundown of your paper for Abstract purpose. An Abstract is generally needed in proficient papers, yet it’s uncommon to remember one for exam papers except for longer theories or theses.

An abstract is set on a different page after the title page. At the top middle point of the page, compose the segment mark in a unique, focused as a well strong way. The further clarifications for abstract show up straightforwardly under that unique mark set up before. In contrast to customary sections, the principal line isn’t indented.

Edited compositions are typically composed as a solitary passage without headings or clear lines.

Straightforwardly beneath the abstract, you may list three to five significant catchphrases to attract readers.

Table of content

Spot the chapter by chapter guide on a different page for the table of content purpose, right in between the introduction and abstract. Start by composing with the word contents in bold and capital letters. From the next line start writing the main significant headings along with their page numbers on the right corner.

APA format for research doesn’t give any specific rule about how to draw any table of the content page. It’s likewise not a necessary paper component in one or the other expert or research paper. If your teacher needs you to incorporate a chapter by chapter list of content page, it’s ideal to follow the overall rules while providing more clear information.

Main Body in APA-Format

In the main body of the essay with the format of APA, the writer needs to write the following points:


APA format style introduction is the hardest thing to compose concerning the other headings. A decent introduction will sum up as well as coordinate along with fundamentally assess the observational information for the writer, about why they make their way for examination as well as why they have directed it.

The presentation begins expansive (however not very wide!) and gets more engaged close to the end. Here are a few rules for building a decent presentation.

Try not to take care of the readers by starting your paper with the old sentence such as stating as “Past research has appeared”. This will make them wheezing inside a section! The writer should try their best to attempt to attract their reader by saying something intriguing as well as the provocative first thing.

The writer should investigate the articles they have perused, by asking various questions such as; which ones caught your consideration immediately? What were the means through which the creator achieves their goal? What were the hurdles?

The writer checks whether they can utilize the models of the articles they adored. The researcher can approach by a model or story illustrative of their point of territory.

Even though the writer will not delve into the subtleties of their examination as well as speculations until the finish of the introduction, so the writer ought to hint their investigation one more step toward the finish of the main section by expressing their motivation momentarily, to give their teacher a construction for all the data they will be introducing straightaway.

Terminologies or Methods

The Method or terminology part according to the APA-format is ordinarily incorporates participants as well as materials or potentially Apparatus, along with procedure areas. On the off chance that the plan is especially muddled such as there are several IVs in any factorial investigation, then the writer may likewise incorporate a different design subsection or have some “Plan or Procedure” area.

The researcher should note that in certain investigations, it could be more helpful to introduce the method segment before the materials part instead of after it.

The Method part of an APA-format paper style is the most direct to compose, however requires exactness. So in this regards the writer will probably portray the subtleties of their examination first so that another researcher could copy their techniques precisely.


In this part, the researchers portray how they have investigated the information and what they have noticed in this journey. If the writers’ information examinations were mind-boggling, don’t hesitate to separate this segment into marked subsections, it should be one segment for every speculation precisely.

Incorporate a part for spellbinding insights. The researcher should note down what sort of examination or test they have led to testing every theory.


The main objective of this segment is to decipher the researcher’s discoveries and spot them in the more extensive setting of the writing around there. A discussion area resembles the opposite of the presentation, where the researcher starts with the particulars as well as work toward the broader view. A few focuses that the writer should consider are given in the segment underneath:

Start with a short repetition of your fundamental discoveries by utilizing the words yet not the numbers. Whether the researcher maintained the theory or not? And if the theory was not maintained then what was the reason? The researcher should find out if there are any astounding as well as fascinating discoveries?

What were the factors through which the researchers tied their discoveries in the form of current writing on the theme, as well as broaden research from the past? Find out what the result declare from the more extensive conduct being scrutinized?

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The researcher brings back the portion of certain writing they examined from the start, as well as declare how their outcomes fix in or don’t fit in, all things should be considered.

If you have astonishing discoveries, you may talk about different speculations that can assist with clarifying the discoveries. Start with the supposition that your outcomes are legitimate, and clarify why they may vary from others in the writing.

Furthermore, the author can examine different themes, for example, what extra inquiries were produced from this investigation? What further examination ought to be directed on the theme? What holes are there in the ebb and flow group of examination?

At whatever point you present thought for a future exploration study, make certain to clarify why you feel that specific investigation ought to be directed. What new information would be acquired from it? Don’t simply say, “I figure it is fascinating to re-run the examination on an alternate school grounds” or “It is smarter to run the investigation again with more members.”

Put some idea into what expansions of the exploration may be intriguing/useful, and why.

Citation of APA Format

In any writing, the writer gives some further references to make the text appear more fascinating. But these references have some rules to quote them in the writing, some of its types are:


An in-text citation is an important type of citation which goes well along with references. The main thing to keep in mind while giving any citation of in-text is, write the last name of the author along with the publication’s year of the reference.

For example: (Simon, 2012).


While quoting the date in APA format of essay writing there are some points to ponder are; firstly7 write the year after that add a comma and then write month and date after.

For example: (2001, February 25)


While giving a citation from any book some key points to know are; at first write the first initials of the writers’ name along with the year in which the book was published, after that write the book title in italics and give the edition of the book whereas in the end write the publishers name and country.

References in APA Format

The APA format reference page is put after the fundamental body of the writer research paper however before any supplements. In this section, the researchers list all the sources that they have referred to in their paper. APA format provides rules to designing the references just as the rules to design the main page.

The writer can compose the segment name “References” at the highest point of another page in a stronger as well as more focused way. The writer should directly spot the reference sections straightforwardly under the mark in sequential request.

At last, the writer should apply a hanging indent, which means the main line of each reference is left-adjusted just as the header of the pages and 0.5 inches are indented for all the resulting lines.

The reference should possess a sequential posting, arranged from the creator’s last name. The reference should not contain any additional area. The reference’s second line ought to be known which is known as an indent hanging as well as is written with the help of various tools in Microsoft Word.

Catch Phrases

Adding significant and sound statements with reworded content such as quotes or catchphrases helps to fortify the nature of your research paper. Be that as it may, one should utilize the use of quotes to help as well as demonstrate their research along with focuses and not the opposite way around.

While stating straightforwardly from a source, incorporate the time of distribution, creator name as well as page number.

Figures and Tables in APA Format

Last but not the least, this section according to the APA format is not that much important, as it should be written only if it is needed. Figures, as well as tables, are introduced in a more comparative arrangement. This section is mostly followed by some necessarily note along with some titles and numbers.

Brief Check of the Essay

A checklist to keep in mind and check is:

1. Title page

2. Abstract

3. Table of content

4. Introduction

5. Terminologies or methods

6. Discussion

7. Results

8. References

9. Tables or Figures

Before finally submitting the essay, the writer should review the whole text to check whether all the headings are written and all the text is well aligned with proper information and proper format.

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